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Recently Answered Questions

  • Question
    Here are some pictures I've found of a purple stemmed and hairy goldenrod-seeming plant. I would love to get all the way to species. Any ideas? Thanks!
    SunnyMona, it appears you've collected Solidago rugose (wrinkle-leaved goldenrod), a native, colonial, perennial species of open areas, wetlands, shorelines, etc. Best wishes. (Tuesday, 15 August 2017)
  • Question
    Is this Salix bebbiana? Found Cooperstown, NY.
    SunnyMona, it certainly looks like Salix bebbiana, though I can't be 100% confident because there are some species that look very similar (e.g., Salix cinerea) that need specific parts of the plants photographed to separate these two (for example, Salix cinerea has ridges on the wood of the branches beneath the bark). That written, I think you are correct. (Tuesday, 15 August 2017)
  • Question
    Hi I would love to know what plant is this it’s growing in my front yard and I never planted it
    Dear Migdalia86, there is no image associated with your question. Without one, I won't be able to help. If you want to attach it to an email and send it to ahaines[at], I will try to help you with the identification. Please be sure to include the location--this is crucial information that I need to assist you. (Tuesday, 15 August 2017)

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