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Recently Answered Questions

  • Question
    The last two pictures of ferns on the Simple Key page have invaded my yard and nothing I do has helped. I even tried to burn out the last picture. I have been told they are both called horse tail. The feathery ones in the first picture have now spread to my strawberry patch. Please help me eradicate them, preferably without chemicals. I live in SE Michigan. Thank you
    Dear nwhite, I'm sorry but there are no pictures associated with your question. Without images I won't be able to assist. If you are having trouble posting images, feel free to attach them to an email and send them to ahaines[at] and I will try to assist you. (Monday, 11 December 2017)
  • Question
    Could you please identify the plant? I bought it from a nursery and they could not name it. All it says is "Home foliage" Would like to know what kind of a plant this is and type of care needed. Thanks, SK
    Dear SK, hello and good morning. I'm sorry I cannot assist with your question. Go Botany is a website dedicated to wild plants of New England. There are too many cultivated species coming from all over the world for me to be abreast of them all. I wish I was able to assist. (Monday, 11 December 2017)
  • Question
    Hello! new here! I have a Norwegian Red cone spruce that I have put into a bonsai pot late fall/early winter here in Montana, though it has been indoors to prevent temperature shock (It was shipped to me from California) I recently noticed a very dark brown color creeping through the needles from the tips of most of the branches and wanted to see if you thought it was repotting shock... or something more worrisome. Thanks for your time!
    Dear Zero, good morning. I'm sorry that I cannot help you. I am not versed in plant pathology. You might want to contact the horticulture department at the New England Wild Flower Society or another organization to find someone who might recognize the symptoms your plant is displaying. Good luck. (Monday, 11 December 2017)

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