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Recently Answered Questions

  • Question
    Does anyone know what this plant is? My dad said it is a weed. Before I pull it up, I want to make sure.
    Dear rwilliams85, I do not recognize this plant. Unfortunately, TN is a long way from the New England region and you have a great many plants which do not grow this far north. I suggest you contact a local herbarium in your region that would have a good understanding of the local flora. If you need help finding an institution, I can help with this. Best wishes. (Tuesday, 21 March 2017)
  • Question
    Can you identify this plant that we found on a hike in middle Tennessee yesterday?
    Dear AmandaD, good morning. You have collected a species of Trillium (wake-robin). These plants will have a single flower with three sepals and three colored petals. I do not know which species you have collected without seeing an open flower. However, hopefully knowing the genus will get you started with your study of this plant. Best wishes. (Tuesday, 21 March 2017)
  • Question
    Hi, I got a lavender - I mean this is what I thought it was - but it grows a bit weird. I have not found a picture of a similar one. Any ideas? Thanks! Karolina
    Dear ovisammon, I'm sorry that I cannot help you with your request. Go Botany is a website dedicated to wild-growing plants of New England. While we are happy to entertain all plant-related questions, some topics, especially identification of cultivated plants, can be outside of our knowledge base. These plants can originate from many parts of the world that are quite distant to our region of expertise. I hope you are able to find the answer you are seeking. Best wishes. (Tuesday, 21 March 2017)

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